Innovation Practice

My innovation practice focuses on the strategic development and implementation of innovation based initiatives, projects and groups within established enterprise. My goal is to provide my clients with the innovative solution, and although no two projects or clients are alike, our projects typically fall into one of three categories.


The first are projects that help the client's current business practice. These types of engagements usually focus on incremental or continuous innovation. In other words, these projects are focused on helping the business do what they do more efficiently. I understand that businesses must continuously improve their products, services and processes, not only to grow, but to also keep their current market position. I help my clients to successfully identify opportunities for improvement, establish frameworks for process identification, and goes one step further to ensure effective implementation and execution of incremental innovation projects.

In the second category are projects that focus on how to radically change, expand or create new business for the client. These projects focus on harnessing discontinuous or disruptive innovation to leverage the client’s assets and expertise in order to create a competitive advantage in new or current markets. To successfully create and implement a disruptive strategy the client needs to look beyond their experience, market and core competencies and identify adjacencies, white spaces and market trends. While this sounds like an easy process, historically it has been very difficult for established companies to accomplish. I leverage their my own experience as well as that of outside experts to facilitate the crafting of discontinuous strategies. I then use my execution expertise to put the right pieces in place to ensure desired outcomes.

The third category focuses on helping my clients to identify, cultivate, and grow an intrapreneurial community. The development of an intrapreneurial approach enables the organization to create and expand from within, by tapping into its knowledge base and creating a forum that fosters “thinking outside of the box.” In this type of engagement I begin by focusing on identifying and cultivating intrapreneurs within the organization and works with management to implement frameworks, processes and protections for these fledgling intrapreneurs and their ideas.

Often the key to success is not the initial strategy but the execution and adaption of the strategy. This is where my approach differs from traditional consulting firms. I leverage my entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial experience from multiple industries to bring an outside perspective and true execution expertise to my client’s projects. This expertise allows me to generate the framework for positive outcomes while reducing the time to and cost of execution.